Hello, my name is Durden and I am a Bichon Frise. According to my patrons, that is a kind of dog. Over the years, my Patron, The Guy, has done a considerable amount of cooking. When he is in the kitchen, I watch his every move. Consequently, I consider myself an expert on many things […]

A Chefs Center success story, Edward Belden peddled his way to making ice cream in his own shop at 458 W. Main in Downtown Los Angeles.

NETWORKING IN THE FILM CATERING BUSINESS   You can ask most caterers, entertainment and otherwise, and most of them will say that referrals are one of the most important sources for business if not the most. Some tips for networking in the film catering business: Move First, it goes without saying that you will more […]

The second part of Jorge’s presentation on business start ups.

Our very own Jorge Caughman explains his 12 points for creating a business plan and an investor pitch.


Ranato Lucioni, Operations manager guiding clients through the “Opportunity Fund” requirements that can help fund your business growth. This is a not-for-profit social enterprise helping thousands of California businesses build financial stability. Their strategy combines microloans for small businesses, microwaving’s accounts, and community real estate financing. They are California’s leading microfinance provider.