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It’s late December. Time to look back on that barometer of agrarian society: what happened around food and the food business. Locally, it was a great year. It was time to say goodbye to a few businesses that incubated here. Goodie Girls hatched and opened not one, but two stores from which to sell their […]


KITCHEN ETIQUETTE 101 Politeness and consideration for others is like investing pennies and getting dollars back. -Thomas Sowell Kitchens are unique work spaces. Most of them are required to run like Swiss watches yet dangers, such as fire and sharp edges lurk everywhere.  Time is always of the essence even when the product coming out […]

WHEN TO LEAVE THE COTTAGE-Cottage food laws and when to leave the home kitchen for a commercial one

A little over a year ago, Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Homemade Food Act (CHFA) into law. Otherwise known as cottage food laws, this act was to foster small food based businesses by allowing them to produce certain quantities of “non-hazardous” foods in one’s own home for retail sale. The Chefs Center of California […]